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Easter Gift Guide

Easter Gift Guide

Easter Gift Guide

Easter is nearly here! Our team of game egg-perts weigh in on their favorite gifts for the season. From bunny puzzles, to brainteaser eggs, you'll find something for kiddos (and adults) of all ages! Let's hop right to it!


Easter Gifts: 3D Crystal Puzzle Rabbit

Rabbit 3D Crystal Puzzle

This 3D Puzzle creates a friendly rabbit with her favorite snack. The sleek, translucent, crystalline puzzle has 43 unique interlocking pieces. This 3D puzzle has a difficulty level of 2.

Available in White and Brown; $12.32 each


Easter Gift Guide: Rainbow Ribbons

Rainbow Ribbons - Large

Chick this one out! Twist and twirl, and watch the rainbow ribbon swirl! Create fun shapes and designs in the air with this 10 foot version of the rainbow ribbon!

Shop it here; $10.49 each


Easter Gift Guide: 3D Egg Labyrinth

Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle - Color Collection

Guide the wand through the 3D labyrinth in beautiful springtime colors! These are great to hide as an Easter egg or to fill your basket. They each come with a hanger and a stand so they can be displayed.

Available in Purple, Green, Aqua, and more; $11.99 each


Easter Gift Guide: 3-Minute Origami

3-Minute Origami

Create animals, toys, and flying objects, each from a single piece of paper with 3-Minute Origami. These twenty simple origami designs are great fun for children and adults alike to make. 

Shop it here; $9.99

Easter Gift Guide: Mix and Match Tin with Puzzle

Mix-and-Match Tins with Puzzle

Twist the tin to mix and match the style of Pete the Cat or Daniel Tiger! Each tin contains a 24-piece puzzle.

Available in Pete the Cat and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood; $9.99 each


Easter Gift Guide: A Very Puzzling Puzzle

A Very Puzzling Puzzle

There are more than 300,000 wrong ways, but only one right way to assemble it. Just when you think you've got it, the last piece won't fit! At first glance, this set of nine puzzle pieces looks like nothing more than an easy kids puzzle. But don't be fooled! 

Shop it now; $14.99

Foam Ball Poppers

Load one of the six soft foam balls into the Popper's mouth and squeeze its belly to launch. The harder you squeeze, the further it shoots - up to 20 feet. These are air powered and safe for both indoor and outdoor play.

Pink Unicorn, T-Rex and more!; $12.99 each

Easter Gift Guide: Doodletop

Doodletop Twister

Take a spin with the only top that draws! Wind up your DoodleTop in the spring-loaded Twister and it will spin at the push of a button. 

Shop it now; $6.99

Easter Gift Guide: Hanayama

Hanayama Brainteasers

With more than 2 million puzzles sold, Hanayama is the world's bestselling brain teaser collection. We think these designs are perfect for the spring season!

Featured: Coaster and Amour; $14.49

Easter Gift Guide: Magical Horses

The Marvelous Book of Magical Horses

This book and craft kit includes six gorgeous paper ponies and two paper-doll fairies, plus everything you need to dress them up and play to your heart's content!

Shop it now; $19.99

Easter Gift Guide: My Egg Carton Animals

My Egg Carton Animals

Transform egg cartons into 6 barnyard animals! Add googly eyes, cotton balls, and pre-cut accessories!

Shop it now; $12.99

Easter Gift Guide: Friendship Bracelets

Personalized Friendship Bracelets

Choose from more than 150 designs for unique bracelets with standout style. With 5 floss colors you can make bold bracelet designs for you and your BFFs.

Shop it now; $16.99


Easter Gift Guide: Aquarellum JuniorAquarellum Junior

Experience the magic of painting with unique embossed picture cards that absorb paint in some areas and repel it in others creating intricate, detailed works of art that even the youngest children can achieve.

Butterflies, Unicorns, and more!; $19.99


Easter Gift Guide: Lego Chain Reactions

Lego Chain Reactions

Teach your bricks new tricks! Build a Lego machine that performs a simple task through an elaborate chain reactions. Find instructions for 10 machines that swing, bounce, spring... and teach kids the skills (and the physics behind the fun) they need to create their own marvelous machines.

Shop it now; $24.99


That’s all yolks! We hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday and start to your spring season! Want to share your baskets with us? Tag us on social with #AreYouGameForEaster!

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