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Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Although it may be October, the gift giving season is quickly approaching! Between planning for trick-or-treaters, figuring out what you’re making for dinner tonight, and how you’re going to still have time for yourself, your to-do list is already full. But don’t let pre-holiday jitters get you down. AreYouGame is here to help cut down the stress from your shopping by offering you gift options for toddlers, preschoolers, pre-teens, and teens. Whether you need:

  • A new activity for a creative toddler who is eager to learn fine motor skills
  • A gift that brings a spark of curiosity to the imagination of a preschooler
  • A fun, but educational game for kids ages 5-8
  • An engaging game that encourages kids 9-12 to explore their brain power
  • Or, a thoughtful gift that speaks to the hobbies of a hard-to-shop-for teen

So sit back, relax and let us show you the top holiday gifts for this season.

Gifts for Toddlers

Our top picks this year combine safety, creativity, and opportunities for exploration while fostering fine motor skills. These games not only entertain but also teach and help toddlers learn through play, making them the ideal gifts for this holiday season.

First 100 Numbers Shapes Bingo Game

The First 100 Numbers Shapes Bingo Game is an engaging educational activity for kids that combines the popular First 100 book series by Roger Priddy with a bingo game. Children can match words and pictures to learn vocabulary, counting, shapes, and more while enjoying a fun-filled bingo experience. 

The World of Eric Carle – The Very Hungry Caterpillar Rainbow Picnic Food Matching Game

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Rainbow Picnic Game is an engaging, educational game for children aged 3 and up. Players collect colorful foods to fill their rainbow, promoting matching skills, color recognition, patience, and more, fostering creativity and curiosity.


pipSquigz are a versatile and engaging suction toy designed for toddlers, featuring playful colors, fun sounds, and tactile experiences. They promote sensory integration through touch, auditory processing, visual stimulation, and kinesthetic learning, making them a perfect, safe, and portable companion for both babies and parents on the go.

Looking for some more ideas? Check out our entire collection of gifts for toddlers this holiday season.

Gifts for Preschoolers

Give your curious preschoolers the gift of imagination and play with our carefully curated selection of games. These engaging and educational games will combine fun and learning to help them learn important skills and foster your preschooler’s growth and development.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Mix & Match Tin with Puzzle: 24 pcs

This floor puzzle with 24 pieces features the loveable Daniel Tiger and comes in a tin packaging that's also a puzzle, allowing kids to mix and match Daniel's outfits. It's a perfect travel puzzle showcasing Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on Jungle Beach, promoting educational and character-building values inspired by the popular children's show.

Bob Books Happy Hats My First Reading Game

Bob Books Happy Hats My First Reading Game is an engaging board game designed for beginning readers, where kids learn to recognize letters and sounds, create simple words, and collect "Happy Hats" while playing with beloved characters like Sam, Mat, Dot, and Mit. This educational game fosters essential literacy skills, social interaction, and counting, making the process of learning to read an enjoyable and educational experience.

Pete the Cat – The Missing Cupcakes Game

Join Pete and his friends in a lively board game adventure to recover missing cupcakes from Grumpy Toad. Players of all ages can enjoy collecting 3D cupcakes, singing songs, and engaging in memory challenges in this luck-based and memory-based game inspired by the beloved children's book 'Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes' by James and Kimberly Dean.

Looking for some more ideas? Check out our entire collection of gifts for preschoolers this holiday season.

Gifts for Kids Ages 5-8

Delight kids ages 5-8 this holiday in the most magical way with a game that will combine fun and valuable learning experiences. From active games to strategic board games, our gifts options ensure your child's holiday season is filled with joy, laughter, and valuable learning experiences.

Magnetic Dartboard

The 16-inch Magnetic Dartboard offers a safe and family-friendly way to enjoy the classic game of darts with non-pointed magnetic darts, ensuring wall protection and fun for all ages.

Pete the Cat 2-Sided Floor Puzzle Suitcase: 36 pcs

This Pete the Cat two-sided floor puzzle is perfect for young children who enjoy building puzzles, featuring lively illustrations of Pete and his friends jamming with a guitar on one side and forming a band on the other, with a final size of about 37 x 15 inches when assembled.


Kid-Cala is a kid-friendly version of the ancient African strategy game Mancala, featuring a colorful wooden board and 48 fruit-shaped pieces. It offers simplified rules for beginners and three game variations, making it suitable for kids to play independently or with adults, providing a fun and challenging gaming experience.

Looking for some more ideas? Check out our entire collection of gifts for kids ages 5-8 this holiday season.

Gifts for Kids Ages 9-12

Our collection of games offers a delightful blend of fun and education, encouraging the minds of kids ages 9-12 to explore new horizons while having a blast. Make this holiday season one to remember with board games that inspire and entertain with the promise of endless hours of laughter and learning!

Get a Pizza the Action

Get a Pizza the Action is a delightful pizza-themed trivia quiz game designed for pizza-loving friends and family gatherings, featuring 200 entertaining general knowledge questions for a fun-filled evening of testing your trivia appetite.

Cuddly Cockroaches

Cuddly Cockroaches is a strategic card game where players must manage a growing infestation of roaches in their apartment. They can kill, keep, or use these roaches to infest neighbors, all while staying under ten roach points to avoid fumigation and win the game, with supply cards and dice rolls adding elements of chance and strategy.

5-Letter Wordlet

5-Letter Wordlet is an engaging and competitive word puzzle game suitable for all ages, reminiscent of online word games like Wordle. Players strategically deduce a secret 5-letter word, making it an ideal addition to family game nights and gatherings with friends.

Looking for some more ideas? Check out our entire collection of gifts for kids ages 9-12 this holiday season.

Gifts for Teens

Board games are a fantastic way for teens to bond with friends and family, explore exciting new hobbies, and enjoy quality time during the holiday season. Discover the top board games that are sure to make this holiday unforgettable for the teenager in your life.


Funglish is a fast-paced word game where players use descriptive tiles to get others to guess their secret words, scoring points for successful guesses while racing against the clock.


Hoodwinked is a fast-paced trivia game where players share quick facts about various topics like "Adulting," "Screwdriver," or "Crocs." Players risk picking up Hoodwinked Cards if they can't provide a fact within 5 seconds, with the player holding the fewest Hoodwinked Cards declared the winner.

3D Crystal Puzzle – Black Pearl in Clear Shell

The Pearl in Shell 3D Crystal Puzzle is an aesthetically pleasing and moderately challenging puzzle featuring 48 interlocking pieces that, when assembled, form a captivating 3D crystal shell with a hidden pearl, perfect for display and reassembly.

Grounds for Murder Classic Myster Jigsaw Puzzle

Discover a thrilling mystery at Spill the Beans Coffee Shop, piece together hidden clues, and solve 'Grounds for Murder' with this 1000-piece puzzle that challenges your detective skills, all while enjoying a twist – the puzzle is different from the box cover!

Looking for some more ideas? Check out our entire collection of gifts for teens this holiday season.

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, AreYouGame is here to ease your gift-giving stress with a carefully curated selection of gifts for kids of all ages. Whether it's sparking curiosity in toddlers, nurturing imagination in preschoolers, engaging young minds aged 5-8, or challenging the intellect of pre-teens and teens, we've got you covered. So, kick back, relax, and let us guide you to the perfect holiday gifts for this season. Happy holidays!

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