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How To Solve Hanayama BIKE Puzzle - Hanayama Bingo #5

On this episode of Hanayama Bingo, Joe teaches you how to solve the level 1 Hanayama "BIKE" cast metal puzzle! It feels like it should be easy, but it's a LOT harder than it looks... 

American John R. Lynn originally created and patented the Bike cast puzzle in 1898. Using a gimmick/principle similar to those used in the ABC Cast Puzzle, this one has the same kind of labyrinth-like flow. When Nob Yoshigahara, perhaps the world's top puzzle creator, undertook the project of recreating this puzzle for Hanayama he did not have the original cast Bike to reference. After a considerable amount of time, Nob was able to create a puzzle with which he was satisfied. In 1994, the world once again had the treat of solving Bike. The key word is "paths".

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Hopefully, you'll find this BIKE puzzle solution is easy to follow.

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0:00 Intro
0:44 The BIKE puzzle overview
1:03 How to solve the puzzle
2:18 Reassembling the puzzle
2:41 Outro

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