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How to Solve the Hanayama DIAMOND Puzzle - Hanayama Bingo #2

Hanayama Puzzles are beautiful, elegant, and way harder than they look! In this series, we'll break down how to solve each of these tricky, fun little Mensa rated puzzles. On this episode of Hanayama Bingo, I teach you how to solve the level 1 Hanayama "DIAMOND" cast metal puzzle! ! It feels like it should be easy, but it's a LOT harder than it looks...


This diamond consists of two pieces. Taking them apart is easy, but putting them back together takes some thought. This diamond may not be forever, but discovering its secrets will certainly keep a puzzler busy! Hanayama cast metal brain teasers have 6 levels of difficulty, and each puzzle is Mensa-rated. Level 1 puzzles are considered easy by most puzzlers. By American designer Scott Elliott.


Wanna try it for yourself? Grab yours here. 

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Hopefully, you'll find this DOT puzzle solution is easy to follow.

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0:00 Intro
0:50 The DIAMOND puzzle overview
1:09 How to solve the puzzle
1:31 Reassembling the puzzle
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