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Turn Up the Competition with the Best 2-Player Games

Turn Up the Competition with the Best 2-Player Games

Turn Up the Competition with the Best 2-Player Games

Everyday I’m surrounded by some of the best board games in the country and I’m lucky to have a close group of friends that love playing games just as much as I do. But, sometimes I like the challenge of taking on my S.O. one-on-one for an all-out battle-royal! I mean, you’ve got to maintain your title of “Greatest Game Player in the House” and make sure everyone knows it. Once we have cycled through all the card games, board games and outdoor games we look for something new to really get our competitive juices flowing. After testing, teasing and winning I’ve compiled the best 2-player games around.

Eternas Classic 
ETERNAS is a four in a row style game in which the first player to place four beads of their color in a row, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally, wins the game. The rules have been drafted so that there is always a winner, no ties, stalemates, or cat's games.

Abalone Strategy Game 
Abalone is a two-player strategy game where you face off against your opponent across a hexagonal board containing black and white marbles. Push just 6 of your opponent's 14 marbles into the gutter along the edge of the board, but there is a catch. It takes two marbles to move one, and three to move two. Sharpen your strategy to plan your attack!

Smart Ass Tuck Box Card Game 
Each Who, What and Where am I? Card has ten clues. And guess what? You never have to wait for your turn - just yell out the answer as soon as you know it!

Deer in the Headlights 
Be the first to discard all of your cards and win the round, but watch out! A "Deer in the Headlights" roll will stall your progress. Roll a "Car" or "Running Deer" and dump cards on your opponents.

TacTic Toss 
Forget about the pen and paper! Play the live version of Tic Tac Toe! Have you got the skill to land your toss on a square and block your opponent? Just when you think you have the winning strategy, your opponent's ball lands on a key square and the game takes a turn. TacTic Toss will challenge you in a whole new way to get three in a row!

Vintage Planet Air Hockey 
The whoosh and blow of an air hockey table is a staple of any arcade. Vintage Planet Air Hockey provides that nostalgic and familiar game play with an actual floating hockey puck! With this fantastic tabletop version of the popular game, it's easier than ever to bring the fun right into your own living room. All you need is a table, or any flat surface. Set up your goals, grab your paddle, and get sliding!

Card Caper 
Can you identify your opponents' hidden cards? Earn points when you correctly guess another player's secret card. The player with the highest number of points at the end of the game wins!

House of Boing 
House of Boing is the game that mixes speed, dexterity, and fast thinking. The first player to empty their room of balls wins!

Stupid Deaths 
Stupid Deaths is the Frightfully Funny Game where you might die laughing! It turns out Charles Darwin was right about only the fittest surviving. Many people die in utterly ridiculous ways, and this game celebrates the stupidest deaths over the centuries while challenging players to identify myth versus fact.

Guinness Pub Game Series – World’s 20 Best Dice Games 
Enjoy the world's 20 best dice games while you enjoy the world's best beer at home, at your favorite pub, or anywhere friends gather! This travel-size Guinness Pub Game Series version of the world's most popular dice games is perfect for fun on the go!

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