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Best Travel Games for Your Summer Trips

Best Travel Games for Your Summer Trips

Best Travel Games for Your Summer Trips

Are you planning a family trip this summer or thinking about visiting family during the holidays?  Your packing won’t be complete without some of the best travel games that are perfect entertainment for on-the-go road trips, plane rides, or on your way to grandma and grandpa’s.  Here are some of our top 10 favorite to-go games that prove you can play anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

  1. Go Low (Ages 7+)
    • The object of the game? Go Low! You are dealt four cards, face down, and can only look at any two of them. Throughout the round, you will swap cards in and out, trying to remember which cards have the lowest numbers. If you think your set has the lowest score, yell "Go Low!" The lowest score after five rounds wins. 
  1. Clack (Ages 5+)
    • The constant action and easy-to-learn rules have made it a favorite game among children of all ages. Spread out the magnetic discs and roll the dice to get a color and a shape... then race to stack up all the discs with that combination. Keeping score is easy - just line up the stacks to see whose tower is tallest! 
  1. Pass the Pigs (Ages 9+)
    • ...Hurling barnyard animals has never been so entertaining! Toss two pig "dice" and see how they land—it determines how many points you get. Perfectly portable, it's the ideal amusement for fun on the run. Kids and grown-ups alike agree—this game is a real squeal—all hooves on deck! 
  1. Automobile Alphabet (Ages 5+)
    • Enjoy Automobile Alphabet Travel Card Game on your next road trip! Kids will keep busy and have fun in the car as they try to find letters in everyday signs. Kids receive letter cards and work to be the first to find their letters on signs or in objects outside of the car windows! 
  1. Anti-Monopoly Game Travel Tin (Ages 8+)
    • In Anti-Monopoly, players are divided into competitors and monopolists before the game starts. The two types of players then follow different rules in their quest for big money. It is this idea of movement and choice which allows Anti-Monopoly to be the first and only game in history which clearly distinguishes between the actions of competitors and monopolist. 
  1. Qwirkle (Ages 6+)
    • Take your favorite game with you! Our tactile block game combines logic and strategy with easy-to-learn rules. Plan your moves to create columns and rows of matching colors and shapes; score big when you place a tile that works in multiple directions. Match both for maximum points. Create a line of all six and you score a Qwirkle! 
  1. Rack-O (Ages 8+)
    • This classic edition, featuring fine quality cards with bold numbers, will delight players young and old. RACK-O is timeless fun! Players randomly "slot" ten cards on their rack. The race then begins to draw and discard until one player positions ten cards in numerical sequence. Sound simple? It is - but you'll need skillful play, concentration, and just a little luck to win. 
  1. Spinner To-Go (Ages 6+)
    • The original Texas Wild domino game! Spinner is a dynamic Double 9 domino game with speed, flexibility and fun to keep the game moving! Includes 66 Fun Size, Double 9, Number Dominoes plus 11 Wild Spinner Tiles, Centerpiece and Rules for Chicken Foot, Mexican Train, Straight Dominoes and Solitaire. 
  1. Scavenger Hunt for Kids: Travel Version (Ages 6+)
    • Scavenger Hunt for Kids Card Game Tin is the classic game of search and find. To play, turn over five cards and in two minutes, search the house for all sorts of fun stuff. Find a funny hat, a purple shirt, something round or an object that begins with the letter "B". Players get points for the stuff they find AND for putting it back in place. It's craziness and fun for the whole family! 
  1. Deluxe Pit Card Game (Ages 7+)
    • Shout your deal and trade your cards to "corner" the market. Be the first to get all the cards of one commodity, ring the bell, and you'll win the hand. You'll feel like a trader in the "pits" of the exchange! Beware of the Bear and take your chances with the Bull. DELUXE PIT is great frenzied fun.

These games are perfect for kids and adults on the go and are available for take-anywhere, play-anywhere fun.  Sturdy travel boxes and tins are easy to tote to the playground or on a road trip.  Now let’s hit the road!

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