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Spring Into Fun

Spring Into Fun

Spring Into Fun

The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, and the hints of spring are finally here.  Spring’s warm welcome means that the days of hiding inside are subsiding and the time for outdoor fun is on the way!  If you’re anything like me you are ready to dust off the outdoor games and set them up for a new season of fun.  But, here I am going through my arsenal thinking to myself, “Did I really only have three balls to this game, where are the poles, did I let someone borrow my game, why is it wet, can we still play if it only wobbles when the wind blows from the north?” It seems that my collection is in need of some help and few games may be ready for retirement.  Now the question is; what new outdoor games should I add this year?

With so many options available it is hard to decide what game would best fit your outdoor gaming needs.  In order to best narrow down my options I always ask these questions:

  • How many people can play?
  • Is it family friendly?
  • How much activity is required?
  • Can it be played indoors and outdoors?
  • How easily is it to transport?
  • What type of terrain is required? (i.e., set-up in the grass, concrete, sand…)

I’m going to go through some of the newest outdoor products available at AreYouGame and help you find the best game to add to your collection.

Wonderland Games - The White Rabbit's Scavenger Hunt

Team up, then race to solve the riddles and find the hidden keys in this silly scavenger hunt! Each of the thirty-two cryptic rhyming clues tells you where the next key is hidden. From spoons, socks, and soap to teacups, taps, and tea towels, each clue leads to an item you can find in any home. So, get ready to search high, low, and all the corners and crevices in between to see which team will be the first to decipher all their clues and track down all their keys. Tick tock - mustn't be late!

With the ability to play with 3+ players or in teams this scavenger hunt is great for any sunny afternoon.  This is ideal for ages 6+ and could be played inside or outside (depending on your playing radius).  Additionally, you can set the level of difficulty on where the keys can be found. 

Wonderland Games - The Queen of Heart's Croquet Set

It's the classic British lawn game with a curious twist! Pick up a mallet and try not to lose your head with this utterly whimsical Queen of Hearts Croquet Set! Complete with flamingo mallets, wooden balls, and hoops adorned with wooden playing cards, this colorful set has easy to follow instructions and some additional gameplay suggestions to give it a silly, strange, and slightly ridiculous twist. It's just the thing to help transform any garden, birthday, or summer party into your own Wonderland!

Tumble down the rabbit hole with a smaller group of friends (2-4 players) and make sure you land among the grass so you can set-up your croquet set.  This is such a classic outdoor game but this version offers a whimsical twist to transport you into a whole other world!  The Queen of Heart’s Croquet Set is definitely a game that would be perfect for family picnics and backyard barbeques.

Spring Ring

Play a variety of games for hours with this catchy, throwing, bouncy, flingy, fun ring set. The large springy disks are great for use in a multitude of outdoor games in the yard, park, in the pool, or at the beach for great bouncing fun! The big foam-ring paddles have a stretchy nylon center that makes toss and catch games tons of fun. Rings can also be thrown like a Frisbee - there are so many different ways to play!

The perfect 2-player game for on-the-go fun that can be played anywhere!  Conveniently sized to allow for easy transportation and can easily be left in the car to ensure you have a fun outdoor game to play wherever you go.  Great for smaller kids and big kids and can help teach hand-eye coordination.  Additionally, if you have a larger group the rings can be turned into a Frisbee!

Original Kubb in a Wooden Crate

Kubb is a popular outdoor game in which the object is to knock over wooden pins by throwing sticks at them. Knock over the pins and the King, but be careful - if you knock over the King before all the other pins are down, your opponent wins.

The Original Kubb is heavy duty and perfect for long days of play.  Everything fits neatly inside of the included wooden crate for easy transportation to your next outdoor event.  This game is best played in the grass or sand to help prevent additional damage to the pieces while playing.  Play head-to-head or as a team – either way, you’re guaranteed to have a great time!

Perfect Pitch Washers

You will spend hours having fun with family and friends playing Perfect Pitch Washers. Give it a toss!

Constructed from high quality, durable, polypropylene, Perfect Pitch Washers doesn't nick, chip or splinter. This game is waterproof and weatherproof, so don't worry if you leave it out in the rain overnight. The versatile design also allows for them to be filled with sand or water for an alternative game play. The targets nest together for compact and convenient storage in the coordinating carry bag. Great for tailgating, barbeques, family reunions, graduations, vacations, out in the backyard or in your rec room.

Check out these games and more with AreYouGame’s extensive collection of outdoor games and activities!  Let’s spring into fun!

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